Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forced Hiatus

I'm sorry to do this, especially the day after I started the new Rex Morgan feature, but I have to go off grid for the next couple of days. I will very likely not be updating this until the end of the week, so no more crosswords. Sigh. I'll explain why when I come back.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rex Morgan Exclamation Mark Count, 9/1/2009

5! (Wow, that's a bunch!)

Also, 1 question mark and 2 ellipses!

And, the new feature.... The Rex Morgan All-Time Total! Watch as we keep a running count of all punctuation in Rex Morgan! Which mark will win at the end of the month...or the year? We will see!


Exclamation marks: 5

Question marks: 1

Ellipses: 2

Crosswords of the Day, 9/1/2009

Two very simple, straightforward, kinda dull puzzles today. Let's do it.

The NYT had a lame but different kind of theme today. The core entry was BY HOOK OR BY CROOK. The other theme entries could, very loosely in most cases, be defined as a hook or as a crook. SHEPHERD'S CANE was by far the worst theme entry, but the rest weren't much better. The surrounding fill was also quite dull, but CHOP SHOP did make its way in there, which is original. But still, second lame puzzle in as many days for the NYT, which is concerning to me. Even though, it wasn't as bad as yesterday; not many are. **, bordering on **1/2.

The LAT was much better than the NYT, though still not very good. The theme seemed really scattered until the very end, when it was revealed to be that the word WILD could precede all of the first words in the theme phrases. The theme entries were so scattered, and not that interesting except for CAT BURGLAR, that the reveal didn't feel like a great payoff. Still, this was a smooth puzzle and had some nice fill like GET REAL and CASH COW. ***.

Winner: The LAT, without much contest. The NYT's quality so far has been really low this week.

Best clue: Man, there really wasn't anything particularly clever or memorable today. I liked "Birdie beater?" for EAGLE.

Worst clue: Also from the LAT we have "Heart and soul" for ALL. Ick.